Thursday, April 17, 2014

"The Culturally Offensive Satirist" or "Another Stupid Racist Bitch"

Aloha My Friends and Family. This blog is a departure from my latest ventures down memory lane. This is more about current events and one woman's attempt... no... this is CNNʻs attempt at what they call humor and satire. I couldnʻt decide on the title so I used two.

Go HERE for the full video from CNN.

Or just click below...

"Did CNN just do something super racist? From the looks of it, yeah, albeit unintentionally.Complaints have been made to the network in regards to a story hosted by reporter Jeanne Moos. In it, she discusses Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to New Zealand — and the traditional Maori welcome they received.A lot of people are unhappy with the report, in which Moos calls a Maori warrior’s traditional dress an unfit way of meeting the “future king and queen.”The video is tastelessly laced with Maori sound effects, and even refers to a past segment in which a traditional dance was called a cross between a chippendales lap dance and the mating dance of an Emu.Many people are saying Moos’ comments were a sign of “disrespectful and ill-bred ‘journalism.’” Watch the video and decide for yourself how disrespectful it is:
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Hmm... Iʻd have to seriously disagree with the first statement... I think there is serious INTENT in Jeanne Moos brand of Journalism. Her intent is to slander and disrespect an entire culture by not only making fun of it but also saying it is "unfit" for the likes of the Royal Family. Is it unfit because it is culturally different than that of MOOS Anglocentric worldview?

You do notice that in her video it is the American leaders that dance like Emus... not the English.

"The video starts out about Prince George on his first trip abroad to New Zealand with parents Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but quickly devolves into a commentary piece on how "weird" cultures are outside the Anglosphere.
Get it together, CNN."

From Huffington Post: 
"Oh dear, CNN. Just: Oh dear.This may be the most offensive American coverage of events in another country since CBS used Toto's 'Africa' for Nelson Mandela's memorial coverage.Just click play to see CNN reporter Jeanne Moos marvel - in a bemused-slash-borderline-racist sort of way - at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's recent encounter with Maori warriors and leaders in New Zealand.From traditional Maori warrior dress to traditional Maori greetings - with a few other non-American countries' traditions chucked in for good measure - prepare to be aghast. Not at the traditions, but at CNN's coverage of them."
The Independent also has a few words to say about the actions of Jeanne Moos. Click HERE for that article.
The writers at the Independent, RYOT, Heavy and Huffington put it lightly. When the cultures of the English and Maori are shown... I SEE is two very different cultures and leaders act with amazing dignity and itʻs really a tribute to both societies. All I HEAR is an IGNORANT, ANGLOCENTRIC CNN reporter named Jeanne Moos mock and belittle the cultural practices of an ENTIRE NATION. She puts down and degrades the dress and the Haka that the Maori people perform.  This is a performance of strength, honor and welcome befitting a King.

She even slides a few more non-American cultures into her disgusting attempt at satire just to get her point across. (I say American because while this story is of the British Royal Family and their travels to New Zealand... Jeanne Moos is American) What was her point? Satire and Humor at the expense of a non-American culture.

My favorite part is when she sticks her uncultured, grotesque and painted face into the camera. She is so ignorant as to make fun of the "rubbing noses" as she puts it, that Prince William and the Duchess do with some Maori elders. The Hawaiian People, my people, are family to the Maori Nation. We have similar cultural practices. In Hawaii that exchange is called the "Ha" or "Breath of Life". That is a traditional way of greeting... by sharing your LIFE Force. 

Do you know the term "Haole"? Do you know what that means... "NO BREATH" "NO LIFE". 

This woman has no soul. No life. She is the epitome of "Haole".

After many "dislikes" and even a petition for an apology that reached more than 25,000 signatures, CNN has since forced her to "apologize"... and this was her lame, wormy, lifeless apology, "...I do humour and satire, and I am truly sorry if the tone of my story offended anyone,” 

It was not only your tone, CNN and MOOS, but also your content and blatant lack of respect for any and all cultures that you do not understand. Keep your soulless reporting and careless, culture less dead heart in stories you excel at. Stick to cats jumping out of windows, Pot vending machines and Social Mediaʻs blood moon selfie craze, MOOS.

I do realize that some of you reading this maybe shaking your heads thinking that I am being entirely too sensitive. If you are one of these people then you can go away. You can watch the movies of old where white actors wore black face, where the "Natives" are portrayed as ignorants... You can side with the likes of people like Jeanne Moos and whatever CNN producers green lighted this segment. They are just trying to make people laugh, right? My culture and the cultures of non-anglosaxon people have been HISTORICALLY trashed and put down, whether in the name of science, politics or just for a laugh... A little humor and satire at the expense of a beautiful, vibrant culture.

CNN and Jeanne Moos thought this was going to be a funny one. Iʻm not laughing. Millions of degraded "Native" peoples along the ages have dealt with this stupidity over and over again. Iʻm tired of laughing meekly and turning a blind eye. 

Eyes wide open, not laughing and Furiously yours,

Happy Nathaniel

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