Monday, January 18, 2016


Seriously, get outta my head. You all wedge your way into my head. Get inside and then POOF you donʻt wanna come out!

Itʻs time.

Get out!

DISCLAIMER: Iʻm crazy. Itʻs true. Not certifiable... but probably close. I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse. I am not a psychologist. Can you imagine if I was your psychologist?!? Too funny! I am not affiliated with any sort of health industry. You are reading this blog with the full knowledge that Pilialoha K. Nathaniel is not authorized by any school, institution or government to give health and medical advice. If you follow any advice in this blog it is at your own discretion and at your own risk. Okay? Nod if you agree. If you read anything past this paragraph that means you have nodded and you agree.

Youʻre still reading???

THANK YOU! You are awesome.

I am sure most of you are just like me. You have creepy crawlies in your head. You have grand ideas and amazing scenarios floating around in that mass of grey matter of your brain. You have stories and to do lists and wants and needs and... STUFF THAT IS JUST STUCK IN YOUR HEAD.

Itʻs time to get it out.

I am not sure how you will go about doing that but this is what Iʻll be doing my CANS:




I am an overthinker. I process and vacillate and pick apart things until ... well sometimes until itʻs too late. I waste time, thinking. I think Iʻm thinking for Clarity but Iʻm really just mudding everything up. So... I am cleaning house. I am clearing out the over processing. 

This goes in hand with all the other "CANS". Clarity happens when I focus on the task at hand and take action immediately! If it is not important enough to take immediate action then it is probably not that important and can be cleaned out and filed away. I will set clear goals and I will set them high. I will attain my goals.
I will attain my goals by taking...


"If you are going to fail, FAIL BIG!" -Mrs. Sharon Abrigo, Retired Theatre Teacher and AWESOME WOMAN. "FAIL FAST." - Justin Williams, House Flipping HQ. "If you set your goals ridiculously high and itʻs a failure, you will fail above everyone elseʻs success." - James Cameron.

Oh... I could go on with the quotes but you came hear to read what I think! I will never FAIL unless I TRY. I will never succeed either. Unless I take ACTION... there is nothing. I am nothing but words and dreams of words and wordy dreams. 

HOW will I take ACTION? I am a MOTHER, a WRITER and a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR and AGENT. I am all over the place!!! I NEED focus (see Clarity above). With more focus I will accomplish the following goals in 2016 with NO FEAR:

1. FAMILY FIRST (not really a goal as much as an IDEAL)
4. Get AT LEAST 15 properties CLOSED!

I am a cautious person. I run scenarios in my head all day everyday. I over think! (See Clarity) Thinking is fine. I suggest you all do a bit of thinking in your day to day activities. The same with Fear. Fear is healthy. 

ME? Too much. I think myself in to a corner. I think myself into being AFRAID! I need to ACT with NO FEAR! 

How to do all of this and still keep sane?

Successful people have systems. How to get from A-B or How to make a certain amount of money or How to publish a book... There are methods out there that I need to find and stick to. 

So... for the book I am currently following a fellow by the name of Chandler Bolt.

There are many other how-to books out there but he comes highly recommended by Hal Elrod, another author I follow.

So, if youʻre like me and you are stuck... Make 2016 the year of CANS. 

You and I CAN achieve Clarity. 
You and I CAN achieve by taking ACTION. 
You and I CAN achieve with NO FEAR.
You and I CAN create SYSTEMS.

Hereʻs a little teaser of the cover...

And a pic of me and my niece Aaliyah. I miss her. 
It looks like Iʻm a scary monster coming out of her head. Or eating her head. 

Both scenarios are relevant to this blog.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Iʻm sorry Tūtū.

Iʻve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to write about my Tūtū. It suddenly came to me as I was telling my son about his Tūtū Nui...

"Iʻm sorry Tūtū."

Iʻm sorry I didnʻt stand to speak when my Dad was finished with your beautiful eulogy. The priest sorta gave me the heebeegeebeez and my timing seemed off during the entire thing. I didn't get back in the church to sit with my family. I didn't get to take communion... the priest just passed me by. Think he didn't like the fact that I was breast-feeding in church... you probably wouldn't have liked it either, Tūtū. Plus, I just didnʻt know what to say. Your passing has left me at a loss of words... And I think itʻs because I never got to say goodbye. So if you never say goodbye that means a person can never truly leave... right?

Iʻm sorry I havenʻt been around. You kept telling me I should move back to Hawaii. "Be a teacher"... you used to say. "We need more teachers"... Iʻm not sorry I didnʻt become a teacher in the State of Hawaii. Tūtū... the kukae my Mom has to deal with on the regular would make you so angry!

Iʻm sorry you didnʻt get to meet your Great-Grandson. I really wanted to place him in your arms.. Iʻm sorry we missed that moment. But I know you hold him in your heart everytime you look down on us.

Remember that handsome man you met... that is his Daddy.

Iʻm sorry I didnʻt visit more often. Alex said it correctly when we were sitting down to dinner, "Pili, you were always around. And then all of a sudden... you werenʻt." I should have been there to help you. I should have called more and talked with you more. I am sorry about all the time I missed with you these last fifteenish years. I moved away without thinking how much I would miss. I am blessed with great experiences and a loving and amazing family... but I missed you. I missed seeing you.

I know you would say not to live your life with regret... but the truth is that I regret not being able to do more for you and with you.

Thank you for being my Tūtū.

Now, no more apologies...

Our beautiful Tūtū.

I love you Tūtū. I miss you.


Your Granddaughter,


Your Great-Grandson... looking up. Looking for you Tūtū.

Monday, October 12, 2015


"...rise above our excuses..."

-Hal Elrod, author of "The Miracle Morning"

"Hug yourself."

-My yoga teacher this morning.


"My purpose in live is to add value to other peoples lives."

-Me, author of "Happy Nathaniel"

This past week has been AMAZING! I have been doing a program that has made this HAPPY NATHANIEL... actually HAPPY. For Christmas my family will be receiving a book from me called, "The Miracle Morning."

I listened to a podcast in which one of my Real Estate Investment coaches was interviewing the author, Hal Elrod. What hooked me was this:

How many time do you find yourself reliving horrible moments in your life? How many times in the day do you automatically think negatively? Do you play the blame game? Do you BLAME others for events in your life, good and bad? SURE. We ALL do. But we can stop the circle of negative thought. Negative though that inhibits our growth potential. We can stop by allowing ourselves FIVE MINUTES to be ANGRY, NEGATIVE, SPITEFUL, DOWN, DEPRESSED, SHIT ON, AMBIVALENT, SAD... and my favorite CRABBY. You have five minutes.

Think on something. Start small. Do you have your something? Good. Now for five minutes let yourself feel what you need to feel. Blame your husband, mom, dad, roommate... the world for your misfortune. Be in that moment. You have FIVE MINUTES.

Now stop. Now it is UP TO YOU to take RESPONSIBILITY for that event. No matter what happened it is up to YOU to take responsibility for YOUR REACTION. You can either let it inhibit your growth or you can grow past it. IT HAPPENED... THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW. Take responsibility and MOVE FORWARD! Whether forward means correcting a situation, moving on, letting go or whatever... you do what you need to to to live a HAPPY LIFE... a life of fulfillment... a life worth living.

The author, Hal... he described it differently... but thats how I see it... Take responsibility.

For instance. I HATE thinking about High School. I was bullied. I was awkward. I kept on falling in love with boys who were not attainable... because I either didnʻt want to take the chance or deep down I knew they didnʻt like me in "that way." By Senior Year, I hid behind a persona of confidence which was really a "Get me the "f" outta here... quick." I hated thinking about it... Iʻve been working on it. Iʻve been taking responsibility for my actions (or inaction in some cases). Iʻve been letting go, moving on... itʻs about time too... Iʻm 35! I can actually say I am looking forward to my next reunion.

And back to the book... "The Miracle Morning."

To give you all a quick preview, it is basically a book that challenges you to become a "better version of yourself." And more importantly, "Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become."

So for the next few months I am COMMITTED to INTERVIEWING FAMILY MEMBERS who are already following this thought process ... or who want to ... or who need to and I will post my the interviews HERE!!!

Friends and FamilyI love you all. I am so GRATEFUL FOR YOU.

-Happy Nathaniel

For more info on the book go to the websites below:

Hal Elrod
The Miracle Morning on Amazon
The Miracle Morning on Audible

Sunday, June 14, 2015

ALIVE and RUNNING!!! My first 5K!!!

My son and I just did our first 5K!!!!!!! 

I finally dusted off the expensive runner stroller I got for just this type of thing. The stroller works like a charm. It was so much fun running with him. Like pushing along my own little cheer squad!

The run I did was in support of Contact We Care, a group dedicated to Suicide Prevention. 

But before I go on... My disclaimer:

I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse. I am not a psychologist. I am not affiliated with any sort of health industry. You are reading this blog with the full knowledge that Pilialoha K. Nathaniel is not authorized by any school, institution or government to give health and medical advice. If you follow any advice in this blog it is at your own discretion and at your own risk. Okay? Nod if you agree. If you read anything past this paragraph that means you have nodded and you agree.

Youʻre still reading???

THANK YOU! You are awesome.

Contact We Care (click on link for more info) is "devoted to promoting emotional wellbeing and preventing emotional crises by providing opportunities for people to express themselves to compassionate listeners in a safe environment. We respond to the need for human interaction and create opportunities for people to help each other. We offer training to people and organizations in the listening skills needed to support those in crisis." 

They are a part of a bigger organization called: CONTACT USA

PLEASE... Depression... no matter what form... can be a deadly disease. Look for the signs that your loved ones need help. Even if they won't take it from you give them the info for this organization. Please donʻt wait until itʻs too late... As one of the organizers said, "They are full of good people who listen with their Hearts." 

To my friends and family and YOU. Yes. YOU. If you need someone to talk to... call me. Text me. Email me. If you donʻt know me or think I suck or just donʻt think I could help you... PLEASE call someone who CAN help. Please call these people. 

New Jersey local hotline
number is
(908) 232-2880
Text: "CWC" to 839863
Monday through Friday from 4-10pm

CONTACT We Care is also
a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We are the primary responder in New Jersey
to calls made to
800-SUICIDE and

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


Please read my last blog for my update on my own mental/physical wellbeing. 

This run has jump kicked my butt into gear! Iʻve also started my nutritional supplements from AdvoCare!!! I feel awesome!


But itʻs a good hurt. I did some yoga after the run and probably pushed myself too hard by trying to do backbends. Yeah... probably not a good idea. But I am NOT as SORE as I usually am after a workout like that. I credit that to the recent uptick in vitamins, minerals and just plain awesome goodness of AdvoCare.

So... What have I learned? 

1) Ask for Help.
2) Listen with Heart.
3) Exercise is great for my COMPLETE wellbeing. 
3.5) Running for a great cause makes EVERYTHING so much better!
3.75) Running with my son made my heart happy!
4) Make sure to feed my body right!!! 
5) Donʻt do backbends until I get better at yoga again...


Happy Nathaniel

Monday, June 8, 2015

HAPPY NATHANIEL IS BACK!!!! Getting Happier and Healthier!!!

ALOHA Friends, Family and EVERYBODY!!!

This is HAPPY NATHANIEL... Better known as Pilialoha Nathaniel or PILI. I am reinstating this blog and taking it back to its origins of HEALTH and HAPPINESS!!! Thank you to everyone who has followed me and to everyone who will follow!!!

But before we begin... a disclaimer:

I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse. I am not a psychologist. I am not affiliated with any sort of health industry. You are reading this blog with the full knowledge that Pilialoha K. Nathaniel is not authorized by any school, institution or government to give health and medical advice. If you follow any advice in this blog it is at your own discretion and at your own risk. Okay? Nod if you agree. If you read anything past this paragraph that means you have nodded and you agree.



FIRST bit of advise I am going to give to you today: GO GET A PHYSICAL!!! I know you are SOOOOOOO BUSY! And... you should NEVER be too busy to take care of yourself. Life is too short and with that short bit of life we have to live on this earth we should do it HEALTHY!!! So... go get a physical!

SECOND: This is not advice but a disclosure. I had my son a little over nine months ago. HE IS AMAZING. HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY. MY LIFE IS AMAZING!!! That being said... I have been... 

... not my usual self.

Im not depressed. I am not suffering from Post-Partum Depression. But my doctor said I have Dysthymia. Go ahead and read what wikipedia has to say about it by clicking on the link I provided ... but it sounds worse than how I FEEL it is. 

SO... what am I going to do about it? ME TIME!!! Serious. No drugs. No psychiatrist.  The doctor prescribed more ME time and I need to exercise at least 150min a week and do things that make ME ME ME happy. I never realized how hard having time for ME was. Having a child changes EVERYTHING. Everything becomes AMAZING and amazingly difficult... if you let it. So I AM NOT GONNA LET IT!!! 

-This is ME time. When I write, I will write for ME (and you). 
-I will get back to running... remember when I could run 13 miles? Yeah... I need to get back to that. I think a half-marathon is in my future
-AND I will ... What do you think I need to do?

THIRD: I am ALMOST back to my pre-preggo weight!!! How will I get back into my STRONG pre-preggo body??? Exercise and ADVOCARE!!!

Advocare is "a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance." Thatʻs straight from the website. What can I tell you about it? Well... I got a couple of family members doing the 24 Day Challenge!!! Click on the link for more info. In 24 Days I will be able to give you first hand accounts. 

Do you want to join us??? Let me know!

My love. My support. My beautiful family.
So... Iʻm basically taking my life back. There are a whole slew of other changes that are happening but thatʻs for another time!!!


Happy Nathaniel!

NEXT BLOG... Something about parenthood and what they DONʻT tell you until itʻs too late... Like... pointing the DING DING DOWN in the diaper. I KNOW its sounds like common sense but ... well ... welcome to parenthood.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'M PUBLISHED in The Paradise Post!!!

Hello Friends, Family and all you good people!!!
Please check out my first published short story ONLINE at:
It is a bright little story about a hula-dancing Mynah bird. AND... if you live on the Big Island, Hawaii you can pick it up for free IN PRINT at your local grocery or bookstore. I'm really excited to be in print!!!
AND... Happy Earth Day! GO plant something everybody!!!!
More updates on my novel coming soon...!!!
Love, aloha and flowers,

Update: please check out my website at

The Paradise Post no longer has a website.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Celebrate everyday. A lesson from my friend Cora.

The following paragraphs were written last year but never published...

On January 31, 2014 I wrote:

"So much has CHANGED. Again.

Change is what keeps the world revolving. Change takes us all from the beginning to the end. Change is what is, was, and what is going to be.

My life has changed again.

I still can't discern my gas from the little ones movements and kicks but Iʻve been told that those tiny movements are happening deep with in my body.  Now that I am officially jumping into the second trimester I am positive that now is the time to celebrate with Bloggerland.

Weʻre having a baby!"

Then I don't write anything again until March...

"So Iʻve mentioned this... but I donʻt think Iʻve outright written this next statement on my blog.

Iʻm pregnant.

Very happily, hugely, lovingly seven months pregnant. Jason and I are expecting a son around August 17th. He is already wiggling his butt at the ultrasound technicians and waking up his momma with kicking. He is getting stronger and stronger every day. I donʻt think Iʻve ever been so excited about anything until this little man began to grow inside my womb. Well... maybe a few things come pretty close and maybe one day Iʻll tell you about them.

So back to my Family. I have the best Family. In the midst of planning for my Grandmothers Celebration my Family planned and executed a baby shower for me. There was ALOT of family involved and EVERYONE kept the secret. It was an amazing night filled with family, crazy games and good food. And Crown Royal... But not for me..."

And then again in July 2014 about a month before I gave birth...

"I can see my babies leg. It is rubbing up against my upper abdomen. And now... there is his little butt moving along my middle past my belly button. He's not as gymnastic as he was a few weeks ago but when my boy moves, my entire universe moves with him.

Especially when he head butts my bladder. Now THAT is a special feeling..."

The paragraphs above were written by me a differing times before my son was born. I didn't post any of it. I know I posted different blurbs about the pregnancy and life and stuff but I didn't post these tender bits of me.

I don't know why.

Why am I now? Because of my friend Cora. Even though she is experiencing something that no mother or father wants to ever experience she is CELEBRATING EVERY MOMENT and is letting the entire world know it. Cora is one of the smartest, most vibrant women I know. I see her posts on Facebook and she makes me want to laugh and cry and just simply FEEL! 

What is she going through? 

Something that would have made me crawl into myself. Something that makes me wish I had celebrated a even more everyday. Something that REMINDS ME to celebrate everyday and to BE THANKFUL. 

I am so thankful for friends and family like YOU. I am SO THANKFUL for friends, strong loving friends like Cora.

Love you.

And thank you to my beautiful little boy. I celebrate you everyday.


Happy Nathaniel

I am also so very thankful for this man. Love you.


A reply from Cora...

"Thank you, Pili. Aloha means Hello, Goodbye, and I love you. Today that is what we said to our sweet baby, born at 20 weeks, 5 days. Aloha to my Pu'uwai, to the heart that beat inside of me and reminded me of what it means to love unconditionally."